Hello my friend,

My name is Galina Cupples. I am originally from St. Petersburg Russia, and have lived in the US since 2001. I am a medical doctor by profession, and for most of my life I had a passion for beauty and skin care. I moved to the USA after marrying, but did not pursue re-establishing my medical credentials in the US. Instead, my background in medicine and my life-long love of skin care & anti-aging Holistic Health motivated me to acquire an Esthetician license and become a Holistic Health Care Practitioner specializing in skin care & anti-aging therapy.

We can’t stop time, but we can slow down the aging processes. It is possible only when you work with all your body. Woman doesn’t look younger after plastic surgery if she doesn’t have proper posture, good body muscles tone, light walk, energy, brightness in her eyes. She will looks just unwrinkled. It is reason that I develop a total antiaging wellness program or Integrative Ageless Beauty. So, if your goal to keep your skin youthful and healthy you cannot reach this goal just applying skin care products.

I use a holistic approach to beauty by treating the “whole person”. As your holistic health and beauty coach, I help you develop an individual integrative beauty program that combines a skin care protocol with a detoxification program, good diet, supplementation, physical activity, and managing chronic stress. This makes my practice unique and different.

My website is like opening my home to you, and you are my honored guest. I invite you to browse through this website and find the just-right products and services for your beauty and total well-being.